Dossel (Portuguese for canopy) is the meeting of the treetops, forming a unique habitat in the highest part of the forest

We are Dossel Ambiental

Dossel is a company that has been operating for over 10 years in the consulting field, offering a great variety of environmental services.

With experience throughout the entire national territory, focusing on the quality and agility needed to meet the requirements of any project. We bet on forming of a multi-skilled. interdisciplinary team whit knowledge about legal and technical aspects involved in licensing and environment management. 

Our great differential is our collaborators, and together we built an amazing place to work. In 2019, Dossel, which now has more than 100 collaborators, received the international certification Great Places to Work, being evaluated as one of the best 50 companys of the country.

We believe that an excellent workplace motivates and generates professional commitment, which is reflected in the products and results for our clients.

More than simply grow, our company values existence.

More than where we will get, we focus on how to get there.

Our way of doing is grounded on our principles: transparency, loyalty and valuing the human being.

Bring your project to Dossel, let’s work together! 

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Daniel Cavalcanti

Chief Technical Officer


Erani Bastos

Chief Executive Officer


Marcelo de Oliveira

Chief Financial Officer